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  • The Company

    John’s Bee Goods  is a company devoted to bringing you the highest quality body care products available, all of our formulas are made in our home based manufacturing facility located on Texada island in British Columbia, Canada. using  ingredients  collected from bees, or produced in some way by bees, or from things that they bring us.

    The name John’s Bee Goods originates from the fact that each of our products is in some way brought to us by honeybees, one of our goals that we are hoping to achieve is to make people aware of the fact that  honeybees, or any bees for that matter, are responsible for every third mouthful of food that everybody on this planet consumes daily. Almost every plant that grows in your garden depends on bees to pollinate the flowers so that fruit or vegetables will be produced. There are other pollinators like butterflies or moths, or birds, but honeybees are unique, they do more than help with food in our lives, they also provide honey made from the nectar of flowers and trees.

    Honey  has many wonderful properties and many uses. eg., it can help with people suffering asthma, or allergies ie .if you can find local honey from around where you live you can eat it and it will act like a flu shot in the way that it gives your body minute doses of the trees and flowers around you, all of them, so you will be promoting your body to become immune over time by introducing the small amounts regularly. {many studies have been carried out on honey, John’s bee goods makes no medical claims whatsoever, please consult a health professional for medical advice}.

    Another product from bees is beeswax from the honeycomb, honeybees are the only bees that make their nest from wax, other bees use mud and fibers made into paper to build their nest. We use beeswax   in all of our  balms and salves to help them stay  blended and not running out on your stuff. Beeswax has antiviral /antibacterial properties, so does honey, and actually as luck would have it so does coconut oil! So when you use products with these ingredients you are adding a natural antiviral/antibacterial coating to your skin as well as a wonderful protective coating that will last all day, even after washing your hands! Our beeswax always contains a trace of honey so you have the added luxury mixed into all of our products.

    The Ingredients

    We will never make a compromise when it comes to the quality of our products, we use only food grade organic/natural ingredients so you can feel good about what you are putting on without wondering about mysterious labels  with  long chemical names on them. We use organic virgin coconut oil as our base and we add beeswax ,and top quality essential oils for different scents, nothing else is needed because of the properties of the coconut oil, which has a long shelf life, combined with the great properties of the wax, no preservatives are ever used. At John’s Bee Goods we are proud of our simple old world blends and formulas, and promise the highest quality available at a reasonable price, guaranteed!

    It is our way of bringing awareness to bees, the things they provide, and the reasons that we should cherish and protect them.

    A bit about the ingredients we use:
    Our base is pure organic raw virgin coconut oil that is fairly traded ,DME*(direct micro expelled) from small farms in the Solomon islands, the farmers press the oil out of fresh organically grown coconuts using expeller pressing methods and a patented sam press, the coconuts are pressed within hours of picking to ensure  the highest quality oil available.

    Coconut oil has a shelf life of three years or longer at room temperature. Follow the link to our coconut oil supplier, www.alphahealth.ca for more info. on the great benefits of coconut oil.

    Our beeswax comes from individual private beekeepers from around our area and from the fraser valley and the interior of British Columbia. Beeswax is a great protector and last indefinitely.

    Whenever possible we try to find wax from bees working on organically produced crops.

    Our essential oils are pure undiluted oils of the highest quality, from healthy eco friendly methods of production, if we can find  the best we always use it.

    That is the reason we like to call our products “Food For Your Skin“ because if you can't eat it you should not be putting it on your body, it's simple.

    Because the essential oils are the ingredient in our products that usually have the shortest shelf life, most lasting about a year if stored away from direct light and heat, the shelf life of most salves and balms will be based on these principals, being most useful or beneficial during this period, if you discover a problem before a year passes, please contact us so we can improve somehow and make it up to you as well.

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