Calling all citizen journalists


Feel the Calling?

Are there local news items of interest that you feel the community should know about?
Are there unreported facts on an issue that impacts our community?

Our Local News section is community-powered, and was built for you to let the community know what's happening around town.

New to the concept? Here are a few links to get you started:

When writing a news article, the key things to consider are TRUTH, INTEGRITY, and ACCURACY. Opinions are not news! Your news articles should focus on the facts. There's lots of room for opinions in the comments section below your news article. Articles outlining your opinions should be posted in the Opinions category.

When you feel ready for the task just create a post and elect one of the "news" categories. But please bide by our Posting Policy.

A Note About Libel

Being a citizen journalist does not mean you have freedom to write anything you wish. Writing and posting an article for public consumption that contains untrue statements made to harm another person's reputation can expose you to a potential libel lawsuit.

Being sued for libel is not a desired outcome for your hard work trying get the news out, and citizen journalists do not enjoy the same protection that professional journalists have when working under a larger media outlet's limited liability corporate structure.

Professional journalist are trained to avoid libel lawsuits. They are also trained to properly document and record their findings, which can help in a libel suit.

Please take the time to research a little about libel before posting your news article.

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