Business Listing Guide

How to claim a listing

  1. If a listing has already been created for your business, click "Claim Listing" on the profile page  (see screenshot).
  2. If you're not already logged in you'll be prompted to register an account (try the Facebook option—it's quicker and bypasses the need for a password)
  3. Fill out the short claim form and you'll be able to edit your listing right away!

NOTE: If a listing already exists and there is no "Claim Listing" link (see screenshot), please contact us. Someone else may have already claimed it.


Directory Listing FAQ

Will FREE listings always be free?

Yes, FREE listings will always be free. We may add or remove features to the FREE plan as the website develops.

Can a listing on Powell River Connect replace my website?

Free listings are limited to text only and can be used to give a brief description of your services.

Enhanced Listings give you several scrolling pages of space, and also accepts HTML code. If you have some knowledge of HTML you can add advanced styling including images (image source must be located elsewhere ie. your Dropbox account or other online file storage). You can also use anchor tags within your description area to create your own navigation system throughout the page.

An Enhanced Listing on Powell River Connect is a good way to have an inexpensive, highly detailed web presence. It is not intended to replace a multi-page website, but an enhanced listing will certainly fulfill your need for an online presence.

Do you offer listing set-up services?

Yes, we can help by sending a representative to photograph and create a descriptive write-up of products and services for your Enhanced Listing. The standard set-up and photography fee is $99 (subject to change—please contact us).

What if I don't want my location shown on the map?

If you don't have a public address (ie. home-based mobile service), just enter Powell River in the address field. Your location will show up in the vicinity of City Hall.

If you are a home-based manufacturer you may wish to enter the address of the main retail outlet for your goods.

Can I cancel my Enhanced listing?

Yes, you can cancel your Enhanced Listing at any time (auto-downgrades to FREE listing).

If you paid with PayPal:

  • Log in to your PayPal account.
  • Click the Profile icon next to "Log out."
  • Select Preapproved Payments under "Payment settings."
  • Select the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel and click Cancel.
  • Click Cancel Profile to confirm your request.

If you paid with Stripe:

  • Contact us and we will cancel your recurring payments.

Rewards Program FAQ

What is a Perk?

A Perk is a discount offered by Local Logic Business Members to other Local Logic Members as a reward for their pledge to uphold the Program's Three Ideals for building a thriving, vibrant community.

Perks can change once a year in January.


  • Choose a Perk that draws attention to a lesser-known but profitable product or service.
  • Don't give away too much! The purpose of the program is to increase awareness and repeat patronage of your business—not kill your profits. If you dread when someone pulls out their membership card, you're doin' it wrong! 
  • Save the big discounts for your Dynamic Deals. Perks are generally low-level discounts that help reinforce re-patronage.
  • We're happy to consult with you about the perfect Perk.

How do I change my Perk?

After creation, Perks are locked for editing until the month of January when they can be changed for the upcoming year.

If you want to change your Perk mid-year, please contact us.

What is a Deal?

A Deal is a special or temporary discount available exclusively to Local Logic Members.
Deals can be changed at any time. They can also be scheduled for any given time period.

How are Deals promoted?

  • Local Logic Members are notified directly when Deals are posted that match their interests. Ensure you select a relevant category for your Deal and the ideal customers will be notified.
  • Deals are posted to our Facebook page once they are created.
  • Deals can also be shared to Facebook (by you or other members) via the Share button.

Why are Perks and Deals exclusive to Rewards Program Members?

Your Perks and Deals are rewards offered to members for their pledge to uphold the Program's 3 Ideals for developing a thriving, vibrant community.

Rewards Program Members are motivated to get the most out of their membership, which creates a unique magnetic attraction to participating businesses that wouldn't necessarily exist otherwise.

Offering your Perks and Deals to non-members reduces the effectiveness of this magnetic attraction and hurts our ability to fund promotional campaigns and events to further boost the visibility of Rewards Business Members.

How do I verify if a person is a Member in good standing?

Members with web-enabled smart phones can sign in to and bring up their Mobile Membership ID showing their full name and membership expiry date.

Some Members will have a printed membership card (Perks Pass) with a hand-written name and expiry date, as well as a membership number.

How do I cancel my business's involvement in the Local Logic Rewards Program?

You can remove a business/group from the Rewards Program at any time.

  1. click the [Edit] button on the lower right sidebar of your Listing
  2. choose either the "Basic Listing: Free!" or "Enhanced Listing" package

NOTE: If you downgrade to a Basic Listing (free), only the first 300 words of your description will display and we highly recommend editing it to ensure it is not awkwardly cut off.
* If your description was longer than 300 characters, you won't be able to edit or type anything until you trim it below the 300 characters threshold.

IMPORTANT: Removing a listing from the Rewards Program does not affect your Local Logic Business Membership. If you do not intend on adding other listings to the Rewards Program, you should also downgrade your membership to either Community Member (free) or to a regular Local Logic Membership to keep enjoying Perks and Deals.

Have other questions or concerns?