About Us

Our Mission

To provide community-connecting online tools to facilitate the development of a thriving, vibrant community.



We’ve developed a comprehensive community directory of businesses, artisans, and community groups. Listings are free and make it easy for businesses of all sizes to be found in one central place online in a fully-categorized, easy-to-browse fashion.

There are 3 ways to find listings in the Directory:

  1. use the search box
  2. browse through the various categories
  3. use the main Directory drop-down mega menu to jump to a category


We’re working on the next phase of Powell River Connect: A self-categorizing online repository of community information, articles, and creative works posted by community members (Community Post, or Com-Post).

This will be a central place to display galleries of creative works, write articles (or columns) about subjects you are passionate about, discuss ideas and issues important to the community, and much more!


The Rewards Program draws attention to the importance of supporting our local economy, the benefits of growing our local agricultural assets, and the awesome creativity expressed by members of the Powell River region. Members get access to year-long Perks and Deals at local businesses.

The Local Logic Rewards Program is the main funding base for Powell River Connect. Funds raised pay for directory web hosting, development and administration costs, as well as public promotion of the Programs and its 3 Ideals.