Our Mission

To provide community-connecting online tools to facilitate the development of a thriving, vibrant community.
Finding a local business

Community Directory

We've developed a comprehensive community directory of businesses, artisans, community groups and resources in the Powell River region.

Basic listings are free and make it easy for businesses of all sizes to be found online in one central place.

Premium listings are SEO-optimized to boost rankings in Google search results and can replace the need for a stand-alone one-page website.

There are 3 ways to find listings in the Directory:

  1. use the search page
  2. browse through the various categories
  3. Explore Powell River using the Directory home page

Rewards Program

The Local Logic Rewards Program encourages community growth, development and vibrancy.

Members are rewarded for their pledge to uphold the program's 3 Ideals:

  1. Support local businesses & sustainable economic development
  2. Support local organic agriculture for a safe, secure food supply
  3. Share ideas, knowledge & creativity for community enrichment
Roadmap to the unknown

Future Plans

We've got plans for other community-connecting tools and events

Powell River Connect is an ongoing project that will be expanding to include many other features and services. The more Rewards Program members we have, the more funding we have to develop great tools for community connection.

Consider joining the Local Logic Rewards Program—it's a win-win for the entire community!


What is Powell River Connect?

Powell River Connect is a Community-connecting`suite of web-based tools and an experimental model of Community-funded Media (CFM)

What is Community-funded Media?

Community-funded Media (CFM) is funded by the community it serves, thus is not completely dependent on advertising or government grants.

Because it is largely ad-free, CFM provides a clean, uncluttered platform for the dissemination of ideas, knowledge and creative works by the community.

Although we do have some internal ads to promote the Rewards program and the benefits it provides, you won’t see external advertising on this website.

Why go ad-free?

We strive to minimize advertising.

Not that there's a problem with advertising—it's a vital tool that helps people connect to the businesses that provide products and services to enrich their lives.

We just wanted to take a different approach—one that does not rely on a model of cluttering-up the presentation of information.

Advertising also has the unfortunate side-effect of self-censorship. We'd like to create a wide-open platform without the risk of advertisers inadvertently becoming associated with any particular viewpoints or information posted.

We hope you'll enjoy the refreshingly clean look of our website.

How is it Funded?

Funding for Powell River Connect comes mostly from annual membership dues for the Local Logic Rewards Program, which is based on 3 Ideals for building a stronger community.

Business Members offer Perks and Deals to Individual members as a perpetual reward for their pledge to uphold the program’s ideals.

This funding model creates a win-win for everyone as membership fees for Business and Individual Members are easily recouped by taking advantage of member Perks and Deals.

What does the Local Logic logo represent?

The spiral shell logo represents:

Home—it's where we all live—and it is precious!

Spiralling outwards—self-expression; expansion of ideas & knowledge; discovery

Spiralling inwards—feeding back into your community; local focus

Protection—building strength & resilience in our local economy and food supply.

How can I participate?

Join the Rewards Program—sign up for Rewards and save much more than the cost of membership just by shopping locally. Its a win-win for you and your community!

Bookmark us—make the Powell River Connect Directory your go-to resource to find local businesses, community services and resources.

Tell your friends—Let your friends know about our hyper-focused directory service.

Add a Listing—add a listing to our directory to help it grow

Let us know —is there an out-of-date listing?
Have any great ideas for new online tools to help grow Powell River's economic and social potential?
Send us a message!

Meet Our Team

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